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Thai Cozy Cotton Scarves - Thin, Various Colors Java Super Soft Cotton Scarf - Aqua Java Super Soft Cotton Scarf - Blue Java Super Soft Cotton Scarf - Green
64158 - Fair Trade Scarves 64151AQ - Fair Trade Scarves 64151BL - Fair Trade Scarves 64151GR - Fair Trade Scarves
Java Super Soft Cotton Scarf - Lime Java Super Soft Cotton Scarf - Pink Java Batiked Cotton Scarf - Black Java Batiked Cotton Scarf - Green
64151LM - Fair Trade Scarves 64151PK - Fair Trade Scarves 64150BK - Fair Trade Scarves 64150GR - Fair Trade Scarves
Java Batiked Cotton Scarf - Pink Java Batiked Cotton Scarf - Purple Java Batiked Cotton Scarf - Orange Thai Twisted Scarf - Aqua
Thai Twisted Shawl - Aqua
Our Price: $18.00
64150PK - Fair Trade Scarves 64150PU - Fair Trade Scarves 64150RG - Fair Trade Scarves 64120AQ - Fair Trade Shawl
Thai Twisted Scarf - Blue Thai Twisted Scarf - Deep Rust Thai Twisted Scarf - Lime Thai Twisted Scarf - Lavender
Thai Twisted Shawl - Blue
Our Price: $18.00
Thai Twisted Shawl - Lime
Our Price: $18.00
64120BL - Fair Trade Shawl 64120DR - Fair Trade Shawl 64120LM - Fair Trade Shawl 64120LV - Fair Trade Shawl
Thai Twisted Scarf - Pink Thai Lightweight Shawl - Aqua Thai Lightweight Shawl - Green Thai Lightweight Shawl - Pink
Thai Twisted Shawl - Pink
Our Price: $18.00
64120PK - Fair Trade Shawl 64222AQ - Fair Trade Shawls 64222GR - Fair Trade Shawls 64222PK - Fair Trade Shawls
Thai Lightweight Shawl - Red Thai Lightweight Shawl - White Thai Cozy Scarf - Pink/Cream Thai Cozy Scarf - Olive/Cream
64222RD - Fair Trade Shawls 64222WH - Fair Trade Shawls 64162 - Fair Trade Scarves 64163 - Fair Trade Scarves
Thai Cozy Scarf - Black/White Thai Cozy Scarf - Raspberry Thai Cozy Scarf - Black with Olive/White Accents Thai Cozy Scarf - Blue with White Accents
64164 - Fair Trade Scarves 64174 - Fair Trade Scarves 64182 - Fair Trade Scarves 64185 - Fair Trade Scarves
Thai Cozy Scarf - Olive with Brown and cream Accents Thai Cozy Scarf - White/Black Thai Cozy Scarf - Brown/Teal/Orange Thai Cozy Scarf - Violet
Thai Cozy Scarf - Violet
Our Price: $19.00
64188 - Fair Trade Scarves 64199 - Fair Trade Scarves 64203 - Fair Trade Scarves 64210 - Fair Trade Scarves
Thai Cozy Scarf - Teal Thai Cozy Scarf - Lime Thai Scarf with Loops - White Thai Cozy Scarf - White with Brown Accents
Thai Cozy Scarf - Teal
Our Price: $19.00
Thai Cozy Scarf - Lime
Our Price: $19.00
64211 - Fair Trade Scarves 64213 - Fair Trade Scarves 64206WH - Fair Trade Scarves 64194 - Fair Trade Scarves
Thai Silk Scarves - Striped, Various Colors Thai Stretch Shawl - Red Thai Stretch Shawl - Mauve Thai Stretch Shawl - White
Thai Stretch Shawl - Red
Our Price: $35.00
64106 - Fair Trade Scarves 64263 - Fair Trade Shawls 64267 - Fair Trade Shawls 64259 - Fair Trade Shawls
Thai Stretch Shawl - Grey Thai Stretch Shawl - Dark Taupe Thai Stretch Shawl - Fuchsia Guatemala Chenille Bamboo Scarf - Red
Thai Stretch Shawl - Grey
Our Price: $38.00
64260 - Fair Trade Shawls 64265 - Fair Trade Shawls 64266 - Fair Trade Shawls 64280RD - Fair Trade Scarves
Java Silk Batik Shawl w/ Fringe - Blue/Black/White
64317 - Fair Trade Shawls

Fair Trade Scarves Online

Here at Gifts With a Cause you will find some of the most elegant scarves and shawls around for only a handful of dollars! We specialize in bringing you some hand knitted scarves from Thailand and other developing countries throughout the world. Our hand woven scarves, like all of our goods, are Fair Trade and feature the Fair Trade logo to prove it. You can purchase with the assurance that the talented hands that knitted your scarf were justly compensated for their work.

Browse through our handmade scarves for women and you will find a dazzling array of colors, styles, and materials, with beauty and low prices that you won’t believe. As affordable as these hand knit scarves are, your purchase goes a long way in helping create sustainable income for artisans to pursue their passions and in turn to help other members of their community grow and succeed. These hand knit scarves for sale online are a great way to stay warm and stylish, all the while helping to make a positive impact on the lives of marginalized people in developing countries.

Shop today and start making a difference!

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