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Elephant Art Beautiful images painted by Thai elephants.

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About Gifts With a Cause

We are passionate about providing a hand-up to artisans in need of the opportunity to help take care of their family and community. We co-create high quality Fair Trade jewelry, scarves, purses, and home decor products with them, share their success stories, and sell their products to people around the world.

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Real Fair Trade Products Online

At Gifts With a Cause, we help talented artisans throughout the world by offering you quality Fair Trade products from Africa, Asia, and other developing areas. The hope we have in offering Fair Trade items made by talented people is not only to help that individual succeed in the pursuit of his or her craft, but also to help foster a community of educated, involved, and artistic people in parts of the world that could benefit from this type of positive force.

In accordance with this goal, all of the products offered at Gifts With a Cause are Fair Trade items, meaning that they are made by marginalized workers in developing countries who have been justly compensated for their work. Gifts With a Cause is one of the few organizations in the country that can rightfully claim that all the products we offer are Fair Trade and that is why you will find the Fair Trade Federation logo on every item at our Fair Trade store.

Shop Fair Trade goods right here at Gifts With a Cause to find beautifully crafted jewelry, scarves, purses and home decoration and to help make a positive impact in the lives of talented and passionate artisans the world over. Did we mention that some of the artisans we are supporting are elephants? Amongst the unique works of art that you will find here are paintings of elephants by elephants! Browse our store today and we guarantee you will find some Fair Trade products that you love!

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