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This is the most common drop ship scenario: you post images and sell GWAC products from your website. In this case you are managing the transaction (billing the customer’s credit card, collecting payment, etc. ) and GWAC simply ships the purchase to the customer. Because GWAC purchases and warehouses the inventory you are in effect selling it, so GWAC will bill you for the wholesale price plus 20%. Wholesale is generally 50% of retail. Example: If you sell an item to your customer at a $50 retail price we will bill you $25 + $5.00. Under this scenario you would make $20.00 (a margin of 40%). Because we also have a real cost of doing the handling/packaging and shipping (what FedEx or USPS charges us), we will also bill you $2.50 for handling/packaging per order plus the actual shipping cost . This is a cost that is typically passed on to your customer and should not affect your profit.

There are two ways in which you communicate the order to us.
1. You enter the customer's order and your payment information on our secure website www.giftswithacause.com. You automatically receive confirmation of the order and then also automatically receive confirmation of shipment with the tracking number.

2. You email the order details to service@giftswithacause.com. We will enter the customer order into the website and charge your credit card. We will charge you an additional 10% for this order entry, paperwork handling, and billing service.

As a New Customer, at the top right of any page click on "Register" to create your NEW Account.
After you have created your account, please email service@giftswithacause.com or call 858.334.8308 and let us know that you want us to provide Drop Shipping for you.

This site will normally display the Retail price. After you are approved and sign in, you will also see the Wholesale price.
Please contact us with any questions. service@giftswithacause.com, 858.334.8308
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