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Elephant Themed Gifts

Elephants hold a position of great importance in lands where they are a natural part of the landscape. These are also areas that traditionally have a low standard of living for the impoverished masses and, not coincidentally, areas where World Vision Christian Outreach and Gifts With a Cause are having a decidedly positive impact on families and neighborhoods.

Our Elephant Gifts Category features some excellent examples of elephant themed gifts. Some of the most popular we've ever carried are the original elephant paintings and reproduction prints. Each of these gifts for elephant lovers is a one-of-a-kind piece painted by a specific animal whose history you'll also receive with your purchase. These make great elephant gift ideas for Christmas, especially for an elephant-loving friend (we all have one).

Some other unique elephant gifts you'll find offered on this page include miniature soapstone carvings handmade in Kenya and several resources describing the elephant art and the area of the world it's from. Besides reproducing what would appear to be self-portraits, these talented pachyderms do a bang up job painting different types of flowers. Shop these unique Fair Trade items today!

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