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Unique Handmade Earrings

Our handmade earrings selection is a diverse one and includes various styles, such as hoops, beads, chandeliers and more. This Fair Trade Earring section features examples from Thailand, Guatemala, Java (Indonesia), India, Kenya and South Africa. There are really beautiful examples of high-quality, silver-plated, handmade hoop earrings as well as those made from wood and beads of various shapes and sizes.

All of our unique handmade earrings are Fair Trade. That simply means that, rather than paying the maker the bare minimum for his or her work and pocketing most of the profits as a "surcharge," the real wholesale value of these earrings is paid to the artisan who designed and manufactured the item. All over the world there are capable producers who would gladly work for a fair wage. After all, many are currently working for a disastrously sub-par wage as it is. Through a combination of efforts between World Vision and Gifts With a Cause, this paradigm is shifting in favor of the families where these handmade jewelry items are made. You'll never make a more appreciated purchase!

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