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Colorful Fair Trade Handbags

If you or someone you know is looking for a new fashion accessory that is elegant and eye-catching, one of these colorful handbags from Gifts With A Cause fits the description perfectly. These cloth hand bags are hand made by talented artisans in developing countries, who are justly compensated for the hard work they put into these wonderful products, as evidenced by the Fair Trade Federation logo featured on them. From Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere in the world, these multi colored bags come in a variety of unique styles and designs that you, or the recipient of such a gift, are sure to love.

All of the brightly colored handbags found in this category are acquired by means of Fair Trade, as is every product found on our site. We are strong believers in giving a head up and that is why we go a long way to bring you quality handmade items at affordable prices while making sure that the crafters who make them are able to sustain their craft. The more economic opportunities that these talented artisans are afforded, the more of these beautiful works of art they can produce, and that’s a win-win.

Shop Gifts With A Cause today for all things Fair Trade!

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