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Hand Crafted Necklaces

Fashionable, fun, and Fair Trade! Our necklaces are all those things. Whether you would like to jazz your outfit up with a variety of colorful beads or if a nice heart-shaped pendant is more your speed, you will find the artisan necklace for you right here at Gifts With a Cause. Our Fair Trade necklaces are made with quality and care by passionate and talented artisans from developing countries and your dollar goes a long way in helping them to develop their craft as well as, in turn, the community around them. Our handmade beaded necklaces are as affordable as they are beautiful because we believe that you don’t have to spend a lot in exchange for quality and we operate under the principle that even a few dollars can make a positive difference.

If you have a friend of the Christian faith, we have the perfect hand crafted necklace for her. Not only can a woman of faith appreciate the gift, she will most certainly appreciate knowing that the purchase will have a strong impact in someone’s life. Look no further than Gifts With a Cause for wonderful handmade necklaces for women at wonderful prices! They make the perfect present, but the real gift is yours because you helped to make the world a better place.

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