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Thai Lightweight Shawl - Aqua Thai Lightweight Shawl - Aqua


Retail Price: $18.00

Hand-Woven Shawls for Women

Gifts With a Cause brings you a wide assortment of beautifully woven shawls for women at great low prices! All the way from the likes of Thailand and other developing countries throughout the world, these fancy shawls and scarves are both fashionable and fun. Our cotton shawls, as is the case with all the goods we offer, are Fair Trade and feature the Fair Trade logo as proof. So, you can shop knowing that the artisans who created your warm shawl were justly compensated.

Browse through our ladies’ shawl scarves for eye catching colors and styles that look good and make you feel good. The best part is though, as affordable as they may be, these woven shawls go a long way in helping to create jobs, schools and strong communities in developing countries. So not only do these women’s shawls for sale online keep you warm, but they also help to create warmth the world over.

Shop today to have a positive impact on the world!

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