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Fair Trade Table Top Decor

Our Fair Trade Table Toppers fit just about any home and easily slide into place as a unique table decoration. Our Fair Trade table décor hails from countries such as Kenya, India and even Indonesia – see our cinnamon-scented journal from the island of Java, guaranteed to bring delight to your senses. We also feature another beautiful journal, called the Peace Journal, containing the evergreen 60's peace symbol embossed on the cover.

Other cherished table top décor includes hand-carved, individually painted small soapstone dishes. The group of 35 local artisans producing these one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, that also function as useful dishware, are helping pull their makers' families and communities out of poverty with their artistic efforts. For the small amount of money being asked for these fabulous items, you not only acquire a real treasure for yourself, or as a thoughtful gift for a friend, but you also help to eradicate the unfair working conditions and low wages common in so many parts of the third world. All of the many items we offer here at Gifts With a Cause, including these table top decorations, are Fair Trade items, ensuring those responsible for the artistic efforts are justly compensated for their time and energy.

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