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Valentine's Day Special
for World Vision Supporters
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Fair Trade Soapstone Carvers in Kenya
We support this group of 35 artisans from ages 18 – 45 by making their high quality
hand-carved sculptures available to you. This work provides families with sustainable income based on the 9 Fair Trade principles to help themselves eradicate their own
poverty and create a better life for children.

Our artisans include the more challenged, such as widows trying to take care of orphans who mostly suffer from AIDS/HIV and T.B. Seminars are provided to create disease awareness and ongoing support. The goal is for every member to have good shelter, an NHIF card (National Hospital Insurance Fund Card), a health facility and able to feed his/her family through the organization without having any problems.

© GiftsWithaCause - Kenya

World Vision Work in Kenya
In Kenya, World Vision trains individuals and community groups on business skills and provides micro-finance opportunities to grow their businesses and increase their incomes. World Vision Kenya entrepreneur, Hilda (right) used a micro-loan to start a tailor shop which she hopes to expand in the future.

You, together with World Vision / Gifts With a Cause, provide the means by which these hard working artisans can lift themselves out of poverty and provide a good quality of life for their families.

You sharing their stories and purchasing their products completes the
Journey of Hope.

© World Vision - Kenya

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Hearts for Sharing

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Gifts With a Cause works directly with artisans in developing countries to assist them to produce high quality jewelry, scarves, purses, and home decor items. We then share their stories and inspire consumers to provide a hand-up to those in need by honoring and purchasing their works of art.

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