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World Vision FAQ

1. How does my purchase help people living in poverty?
Your purchase provides fair wage jobs to hardworking moms and dads all over the world, enabling them to better provide for their kids. Without a global marketplace like www.giftswithacause.com to sell their products, these parents have limited employment options. You can be sure when you purchase a handcrafted product through Gifts With A Cause that it is free from child labor, sweatshops and labor practices that exploit the marginalized.

2. What is the relationship between Gifts With a Cause and World Vision?
Gifts with a Cause and World Vision are working together to create lasting change for families in need around the world through economic development and Fair Trade practices. World Vision helps communities become self-sufficient and establish small businesses and cooperatives for marketable goods and services. Then, Gifts with a Cause builds relationships with local cooperatives and artisans to bring high-quality, on-trend Fair Trade items to the global market to further develop economic opportunity and sustainability in a community. We call this a "Journey of Hope." You can learn more by clicking HERE

3. Are Gifts With a Cause products made in the same communities that World Vision works in?
In many cases, yes, and, because of our partnership, even more Fair Trade gifts will be coming from World Vision communities. World Vision helps local artisans get started in business through micro loans, small business education, and local market development. Now, as part of its overall economic development work, World Vision is connecting Gifts With a Cause with these specific local artisans to provide access to global markets and Fair Trade practices.

4. How does World Vision benefit when I buy a Fair Trade product through Gifts With A Cause?
Gifts With A Cause and World Vision are partners working alongside each other towards sustainable solutions to help build a better world for children. Gifts With a Cause co-creates on-trend products with artisans in many of the developing communities where World Vision works, and provides a global marketplace so that caring consumers in the U.S. can be part of the journey of hope by purchasing these beautiful gifts. We pay the artisans a fair wage for the handcrafted items they create, and ensure they are made in safe environments, according to Fair Trade practices. Economic development initiatives like this are a vital piece of World Vision’s work, empowering communities to move from dependence on aid to sustainability.

5. Does any of the purchase price go to World Vision?
No, but like hundreds of other businesses, Gifts With a Cause is a financial supporter of World Vision. More importantly, World Vision is working with Gifts With a Cause to help the hardworking families it serves gain access to global markets and a sustainable income through Fair Trade practices. To learn more about how Gifts With a Cause and World Vision work together to increase sustainable economic opportunities and create lasting change for families in need.

6. Is my purchase through Gifts With a Cause tax-deductible?
Gifts With A Cause does not accept donations. There are handcrafted items available through the World Vision gift catalog that you will be able to receive when you make a donation (the tax-deductible donation receipt will be the amount given less the fair market value of the item). To make a tax-deductible donation to World Vision and receive a Fair Trade gift, click HERE.

7. What is the difference between the Fair Trade gifts in the World Vision Gift Catalog and buying a Fair Trade gift from Gifts With a Cause?
Through the popular World Vision Gift Catalog, you can make a tax-deductible donation to help children and families in need and, for your donation, choose from a unique selection of handcrafted gifts. A purchase from Gifts With a Cause is not a tax-deductible donation. Rather, as a shopper, you are participating in journey of hope for hardworking parents. Your purchase provides a sustainable income for families and a better life for children.

8. I already sponsor a child. How does purchasing a product work with child sponsorship?
Child sponsorship through World Vision is such a joy. We are sponsors ourselves and highly encourage all who can to provide support to children in this way. Click HERE to learn more about Child Sponsorship through World Vision. Through Child Sponsorship, you help children and their families with things like increased access to healthcare, education, clean water, nutritious food and much more. Through Gifts With A Cause, you have the unique opportunity to expand your impact by purchasing gifts that further help the communities where World Vision works. When you purchase the products we sell, you help provide parents of sponsored children with fair wage jobs. This enables them to offer a brighter future to their children, eventually moving

9. I see products that look similar to Gifts With a Cause products at a lower price from other sources. Why?
Cause-based products are the fastest growing segment of the retail market as many consumers are interested in becoming part of a process for making the world a better place by giving hard-working people living in poverty a "Hand-Up" opportunity through Fair Trade principles. When similar products are sold at a lower price, there is the possibility that the items have been made in factories that do not pay workers a fair living wage and perpetuating the cycle of poverty. We are outraged and very passionate about this and believe it is our duty as members of the Fair Trade Federation to educate consumers on the benefits of purchasing Fair Trade products.

Some companies loosely use the terms 'Fair Trade' or 'Fairly Traded' without actually being members of the Fair Trade Federation. These companies are not held accountable for their treatment of the workers and the economic benefits to the families/community and, with lower cost, can sell the products at a lower price.

Fair Trade companies have smaller profit margins and many people, who are just as passionate as we are, try to do what they can to help people in need. For several reasons, many efforts are not successful. If the company becomes unsuccessful, the owners may sell off their inventory at a reduced in order to sell their inventory. While the price may be lower during that time, it does not mean the business is sustainable and will not make a long-lasting impact in breaking the cycle of poverty.

10. How do I find the GWAC link on the WV website?
Go to WorldVision.org - then click on Get Involved - Explore Opportunities - search for "Buy Fair Trade" within the group of 26 images. You can also click HERE

11. How can I find out more about World Vision?
Visit www.worldvision.org to discover more about World Vision.

12. How can I help more people hear about this opportunity to purchases gifts that make a difference for families in poverty?
We’re glad you want to help. You can spread the word by sending an email to your friends with a link to www.giftswithacause.com and posting the link on your social media accounts.

If you know a local retailer who would be interested in carrying these Fair Trade products in their store, please share this link with them: http://www.giftswithacause.com/wholesale-inquiry
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