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We are excited to invite you to become a Wholesale Purchaser of our Fair Trade products. Please provide your business information in the form below. We will then provide you with the wholesale discount and access to other products and services that will help you succeed in educating and inspiring your customers to become a partner in the sustainable solution to poverty. We are members of the Fair Trade Federation and the United Nations Global Compact.
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Company: Gifts With a Cause
President: Mark Fangue
Address: 4186 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite A, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858.334.8308
Email: service@giftswithacause.org

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Please contact us with any questions. Mark Fangue, service@giftswithacause.org, 858.334.8308

This Agreement is between Gifts With a Cause, hereinafter called the "Company",
and the Buyer/Representative listed at the bottom of this document hereinafter called the "Buyer."
 1.     Services
(a)  The Company agrees to sell to the Buyer, and the Buyer agrees to sell/re-sell
home décor, scarves, shawls, jewelry, fashion accessories, gifts, DVDs,
original paintings, prints, and other products that may be developed in the future (hereinafter referred to together as "product").
(b)  The Company shall furnish the Buyer with product and information (digital files)
about the product.
 2.     Pricing
(a)   The Company will sell product to the Buyer at a wholesale price that is determined by the Company.
(b)   The Company sets the minimum Suggested Retail Price (SRP) at twice the Wholesale Price.The Buyer hereby agrees to not sell any product on or through
the internet for less than the SRP.
 3.     Invoices
(a)   The Company agrees to provide an Invoice with each shipment of product.
(b)   The Invoice will include the Quantity of items delivered, the Company's SKU number and UPC Number,
Item Description, Price, Shipping Cost,Total Amount due, and Terms of Payment.
 4.     Orders, Invoices, Credit Terms
(a)   The Company shall have the option of accepting or rejecting any order for product made by the Buyer.
(b)   These is no minimum order.  
(c)   Payment is due per the invoiced terms.For credit card orders, the Buyer's credit card is charged at the time of shipment.
(d)   Upon prior approval, the Company may grant 30 day payment terms where the full amount of the invoice is
to be paid by check within 30 days after receipt of the products.
(e)     Orders of $10,000 or more require a 50% deposit with the remaining 50% due 30 days
after receipt of the products. The Company pays 100% to the artisan groups up-front at the time of placing the order
with them - our commitment to assisting them to be sustainable.
(f)   The Company can Drop Ship product to the Buyer's on-line customers. The Buyer uses their business account
on this website and enters the order using the Buyer's business credit card and the customer's shipping address.
The Company does the shipping and then charges the Buyer's credit card. There is no minimum order amount.
There is a 10% fee for this service. Please contact the Company with any questions.
 5.     Expenses
(a)   The Buyer's expenses of selling/reselling are the responsibility of Buyer.
(b)   The Buyer pays all shipping cost of the product to and from the Buyer’s retail location, to and from the
Company's warehouse location, to and from the Buyer's on-line customer.
 6.     Duties of Buyer
(a)   Present the product in a clean and inviting environment that will be conducive to selling high quality
(b)   Keep the product clean and in sellable condition at all times.
(c)   Represent the product with accurate stories and correct information.
(d)   Inspect all product shipped from the Company to the Buyer for damage and notify the Company in writing
of the item/s damaged and the nature of the damage within five (5) days of receipt of the product.
7.     Returns
(a)   Product that is received by the Buyer that is damaged/incorrect and documented to the Company within
five (5) days of delivery will either be credited to the Buyer or replaced with a similar item at the
Company’s expense. The Company will pay the shipping cost associated with damaged/incorrect items.
(b)   The Company is continually updating product designs and associated color palettes. For several reasons,
we do not accept returned items unless they are damaged/incorrect.
8.     Proprietary Design
(a)   All products are a proprietary design and are not to be copied or reproduced by the Buyer or any party
working for or with the Buyer.
(b)   All art delivered to the Buyer, both originals and reproductions, are a proprietary design and copyrighted by
the Company.
(c)   All images, photographs, documents, stories, digital files ,and other printed documents/pictures that were
accessed and/or received by the Buyer while in a relationship with the Company, shall remain the exclusive
property of the Company and shall not be used for any purposes other than to promote the Company's
products and services. Any other use is to have the prior written consent of the Company.
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