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Fabric Embroidered Coin Purses for Women

Cute coin purses have always been good sellers for those producing them in Guatemala. The problem has been the Fair Trade aspect – expecting local artisans to labor for a mere pittance while those in the middle of the producer and consumer reap most of the rewards. Now, through the works of Gifts With a Cause and World Vision, artists and entrepreneurs in these economically repressed areas are able to receive real Fair Trade prices for their work. This money is almost always plowed right back into the community, helping families improve their living standards and allowing more to join the co-op of artisans.

Our small coin purses include delightful change purses for women that are unique, affordable and make great gifts that most recipients will use for years to come. Whether you're looking for an embroidered coin purse or a colorful fabric coin purse, these Guatemalan gems are durable and priced right. You are sure to love these coin purses, and just think how much better you'll feel knowing your remittance is going to the artist, not his or her agent!

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