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As a member of Fair Trade, we work directly with artisans in developing countries to assist them to produce high quality jewelry, scarves, purses, and home decor items. We then share their stories and inspire consumers that each of us can provide a hand-up to those in need by honoring their work and purchasing their products.

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Handmade Christmas Presents & Decorations

Here at Gifts With a Cause, we take pride in all of the items we feature, not only because we believe in their quality and in the skill of the artisans who made them, but also because they are acquired through Fair Trade practices and still brought to you at amazingly low prices. That being said, our line of handmade bags and purses truly stands out in our eyes. We have quite an extensive selection of these items, colorful blends of cotton, faux suede and more that are eye-catching, unique, and simply beautiful. We say that these Fair Trade purses and bags are handmade, but the truth is they are heartmade, and you can feel the passion that went into making them just by scrolling through this page and looking at all the dazzling designs that jump out at you; to hold one is another feeling altogether.

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