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Quality Fair Trade Products from Africa

Buying Fair Trade products from Africa is an ideal way for you to obtain some extremely unique, high-quality gifts from the region while at the same time ensuring that a fair share of the money you pay for each item actually goes to the artisans responsible for producing them. In the past, many of these types of items were made under slave-like conditions by individuals receiving a virtual pittance in exchange for their labors. Now, with the intervention of Gifts With a Cause, you can buy beautiful items such as jewelry made in Africa with the knowledge that those dedicated to making these items are paid a fair wage in exchange for their efforts.

Whether you're drawn to the different types of jewelry from Africa, find favor with the various mini sculptures, leather bookmarks, soapstone boxes or South African metalwork, you'll find a great selection of special gifts and personal keepsakes here in this category. Enjoy your items and please spread the word!

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