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As a member of Fair Trade, we work directly with artisans in developing countries to assist them to produce high quality jewelry, scarves, purses, and home decor items. We then share their stories and inspire consumers that
each of us can provide a hand-up to those in need by honoring their work and purchasing their products.

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Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Gifts

They say that love conquers all and we believe that to be true. A nice Valentine’s Day gift can go a long way in showing someone special how you feel about them, but here at Gifts With A Cause, it can also do much more. Each one of these artfully crafted handmade Valentine gifts is a Fair Trade item from a developing country. That means that you are spreading love far beyond your own personal relationships, your dollars going to aid in the establishment of strong communities in these regions and allowing talented artisans to continue their trade.

Handmade Valentine’s gifts at Gifts With A Cause include fashion accessories such as vibrant scarves, exotic handbags or unique jewelry, as well as small heart-shaped decorations and even works of art painted by elephants that are perfect for the animal lover in your life. We offer a diverse range of Valentine’s presents so that you can be sure to find something your love will love. Of course, your Valentine will also be able to appreciate knowing that proceeds from her gift go toward such a noble cause. Spread love and joy this Valentine’s Day by shopping Gifts With A Cause!

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